Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Music technology – against man or at your service? 1978

Column by Paulo Coelho. Original title: A tecnologia musical – contra o homem ou a seu serviço? Pdf, 3 pages.

Music technology – against man or at your service?

Mellotron, ARP String and the Moog synthesizer are the electronic instruments most commonly used in recordings and live performances in Brazil. Although almost all musicians question the efficiency of these instruments, and although there is currently a certain “greve branca” (form of protest whereby activities are reduced but not halted) by the arrangers themselves regarding the use of technology in the recordings, fact is that, with each passing day, the presence of the three “envoys of the devil” (a common nickname among studio musicians) becomes increasingly constant in recordings. The following are some characteristics of each.


Language: Portuguese Publication Date: 1978

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