Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Article on Alternative Societies 1974

Draft/Example of Material article on Alternative Societies.

“Between Passion and Fear”

In the Article, Technology is a controversial matter, since its power can be destructive as it can bring confort in the daily life. Progress is planned by many, but also interrupted by some.

The Human race woke from a dream, realising its creation became too big and fragile at the same time.

As petrol is becoming scarce, some fear an economical crisis, other fear the end of a dream.

The youth began to understand the word “contestation” and its revolutionary potential. The Hippie movement was part of this discovery, as it broke all social conventions at the time and became a trend. An alternative society was created: during Woodstock, 500.000 people lived in a dream (it became a reality).

An alternative society was created with the growth of the hippie movement, in order to escape social norms and the evolution of technology. This alternative society is admired by some and feared by others.

Class consciousness is a primary objective.

The Brazilian alternative society

Created by Paulo Coelho, Raul Seixas, Halada and Salomé Nadine.

Worldwide recognition on February 17th 1974, with 3000 members at the time.

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– 31.01.1974 – Grant of publishing rights to Planeta magazine


Language: Portuguese Publication Date: 1974

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