Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Manifest no. 11 1986

Manifest no. 11 of the Alternative Society, dated 30 January 1986.

In honour of the censored, mutilated and disappeared artists.

1. Space is free. Everyone has to occupy their space.
2. Time is free. Everyone has to live in their time, and live up to the promises, hopes and pitfalls of their time.
3. The harvest is free. Everyone has the right to harvest and feed on farmed wheat.
4. Sowing is free. Everyone has the right to sow their ideas, without any coercion from intelligentia or bureaucracy.
5. There is no longer an artist class. we are all capable of planting and harvesting. We are all going to show everyone and the world our capacity for creation.
6. “All of us” are writers, housewives, bosses and employees, clandestine and funny, wise and crazy.
7. And the great miracle will no longer to be able to walk in the clouds or walk on water. The great miracle will be the fact that every day, from morning to night, we will be able to walk on Earth.

“We are all capable”.


Publication Date: 1986

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