Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

A Nova Dimensão de Nanã | Nana’s New Dimension 1965

“Born on the white sand of the beach / Arpoador, he has been playing with the blue waves: white of my joy, sunny days in the fifth dimension. A volleyball back and forth and the little princess cutting under the net. The morning ends, the afternoon passes in the middle of a sad hope that there will be a party at the house of the cat, or of President Augusto. A boarding school adventure as the topic of conversation, a smile, and there comes the night with Beatles … and la bamba. Someone, already offered his kingdom through green eyes, the poet stops making poetry because of your smile, and the new conception of Nana Rota XV becomes the most beautiful thing that goes by and everyone calls it, Tucki.”


Language: Portuguese Publication Date: 1965

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