Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Script Alcione show 1978

Script by Paulo for a 1978 stage show by Alcione (b. 1947), one of the most successful samba singers in Brazil.

When I was asked to write the script of the Alcione show, I could not imagine the treasure trove that would be offered to me in terms of work material. For several days, during breaks in TV show recordings, during lunches between a trip and a show, Alcione told me so many interesting stories that you could fill a book. A show like this, however, does not allow a longer approach to such a fascinating life. I had to select – together with Roberto Santana – the parts that were the most related to the musical script that we would present. And there it is for you, Alcione, body and soul, for the first time doing a season on the Rio de Janeiro stage.

For a singer who wears – proudly- the title of female singer with the highest record sales last year, this show is first of all a pleasure and a must. A pleasure in power, for the first time, to speak a little herself, of her intimate life, of her difficulties and successes; and must for this immense audience, who will then have the opportunity to see Alcione face-to-face.

The job of writing and assembling a show is not always an easy job. In the case of Alcione, however, it was extremely rewarding, because it enriched me through her art and her talent, her persistence and her decisiveness, in the moments that we spent together gathering material for the show. And I have the deepest certainty that Alcione’s living presence on stage will be enough for this experience I have had to be shared by all the spectators.


Language: Portuguese Publication Date: 1978

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