Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Sextante Publishers – Brazil – Adultery 2014

Interview with Brazilian publishers Sextante about the book Adultery, dated 4 July 2014.


“If you are with someone, it is for love, nothing can impose you. Neither society nor children. You have to be with someone because it gives you the joy of living.”

I am always in constant contact with my readers through social communities and I started to read many comments on depression. To my surprise, they did not speak of the disease, but of betrayal.


Yes, and the greatest example of this is Jesus Christ, it is forgiveness that saves him. And understanding forgiveness is very important. In a healthy relationship, love is able to forgive everything. I do not say accept everything, but forgive. And that involves conflicts, of course.

I do not. What the eye does not see, the heart feels even more. And keeping a secret is a lot more tiring than being honest, positive.


Language: Portuguese Publication Date: 2014

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