Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Collaboration with Mango 2009

23.04.2009 – Interview for about Paulo Coelho’s collaboration with Spanish fashion brand Mango, seeking to raise funds for the Paulo Coelho Institute. A limited collection of 6 shirts, printed with Coelho’s most famous quotes was launched in over 60 countries.


The writer and protagonist of the presentation was the last to speak to answer questions from the media and, furthermore, to express his gratitude to MANGO for having used fashion, not only for matters related to appearance, but also also as “communication vehicle to carry out a social responsibility that we all must have”.

We have an enthusiast that I met a year ago and when I saw her for the first time I said, “We have to do something together.” The writer has no limits. Once your books are published, they can go to internet blogs, as I do, who am very active on the internet because it allows me direct contact with readers. I always thought to have my ideas in other media than books. It was then that MANGO proposed this project to me, apart from the fact that my wife has been a fan of the firm for many years.

The Institute started in 1996. We wanted, like many people, to do something for humanity. I knew that it is impossible to change my country, my state, my neighbourhood, but I could change my street.

Rio de Janeiro is a city of contrasts. At the end of our street there was a favela, we went to see if they needed help and as they did, we started the project with 80 children. We welcome children of six or seven years and we give them food, love, education…

We already have 430 children while the mothers work, and when they return home they have another glint in their eyes. At the Institute we hope that these children can change their lives and those of their families.


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Language: Spanish Publication Date: 2009

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