Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Aos sabios do oculto | To the wise men of the occult 1981

Chronicle, dated February 1981, at a time when Paulo comes to the realisation that there’s no wisdom or truth to be found in the occult and mystical books. Below is a translation of page 1 of the document:

Dear Wise Men:

For at least two decades, a whole generation that believes in human goodness, has been searching your mysterious old books for some help and guidance about truth and wisdom. The search has been a comprehensive one: from the sacred books of the East to the Hebrew Kaballah, from Papus to Aleister Crowley, from the tensions between Yin and Yang to tensions between angels and demons. This generation – that believes in the future of a race so discredited before itself – tried to find in the occult a change for those who already are facing the pressures of the established and victorious society itself.

I am one of those who participated in this quest towards a new way of life. And, as a direct consequence, I am also one who embraced and got into this dead-end path called Hermeticism. For a long time I tried to use all the means at my disposal – be it in the songs I wrote, or in conversations with friends – to promote your fascinating view of the world. The secrets, the hidden serpents, the mysterious columns of the temple, the incredible cabalistic figures, all these encoded messages and recipes that pointed to true, well-guarded wisdom.

However, after the useless process of a step forward, a step back in your philosophical speculations, I suddenly realize the great lie that exists behind so much pomposity. The great occultists – with their ancient mania of symbols and codes – always seek to hide the knowledge from human eyes. Why? Why did they believe that mere mortals were unworthy to participate in such a supreme finding? Because they were convinced that the miserable human beings would abuse the knowledge, turn the symbols of life into death?


Language: Portuguese Publication Date: 1981

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