Christina Oiticica

Christina Oiticica

Exhibition title: Geneva Welcome Center CAGI

Exhibition at the Centre Accueil Genève International (Geneva Welcome Center), in cooperation with the Permanent UN Mission of Brasil and Galerie Espace L in Geneva. Fifteen of Christina’s works, buried and recuperated at various locations in Geneva, were on exhibition.

In her speech, Christina mentioned “Nature plays an important role in my work, I am associated to her, and she leaves her unpredictable trace on each my works. My works are in direct contact with the earth, stones, water and air and I never know what I will find when I dig into the soil to recuperate a canvas. It depends on the area and the moment I left my work there. It is always a big surprise and the discovery is always a moment of intense emotion. Nature transforms, with an invisible hand, my initial project. The 15 works on display here have been in contact with Geneva soil at various locations”.

Exhibition Details

Year: 2015 Location: La Pastorale, CAGI (Geneva Welcome Center), Geneva, Switzerland


  1. Cebreiro Heart
  2. Monte do Gozo I
  3. Eunate Butterfly
  4. Eunate Holy Spirit
  5. Eunate Heart
  6. Eunate Hands with Heart
  7. Viloria I
  8. Viloria II
  9. Santo Domingo II
  10. Santo Domingo I
  11. Branch I
  12. Branch II

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