Christina Oiticica

Christina Oiticica

Exhibition title: O círculo e o ponto – O ponto e o círculo

O círculo e o ponto – O ponto e o círculo (The circle and the point – The point and the circle)

Portal art gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

14-31 October 1998

From the exhibition brochure (downloadable pdf below):

Around 51 works make up Christina Oiticica’s visual discussion on display at the Galeria Portal. Corresponding genres and techniques used in the construction of bi- and trig-dimensional pieces – painting/acrylic, on canvas, drawings, sculpture, objects – examine the point of interest presented in the drawing of a woman’s bust and her multiple necklace, the objective being to extract possible derivatives from the circular forms employed.

Exhibition Details

Year: 1998 Location: São Paulo, Brazil

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