Christina Oiticica

Christina Oiticica

Exhibition title: Performance St Moritz Art Masters

For her performance during the 2008 St. Moritz Art Masters, Christina used  pre-painted canvases and a copper plate and finished them on-site with pigments, gold and silver paint and grasses and flowers from the field. She also used a blank canvas to transfer the textures from the surrounding area, like tree bark and bumps in the soil and then again finished off her work with pigments, paints and cut grass and flowers. To honour the area, Christina used the St. Moritz Sun (a symbol created in 1932 by Walter Herdeg and still in use as the tourism trademark for St. Moritz).

The works were recovered a year later.


Exhibition Details

Year: 2008 Location: St. Moritz, alpine community in the Graubünden canton, Switzerland


  1. St. Moritz series

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