Christina Oiticica

Christina Oiticica

Verneigung vor der Natur – Bowing to Nature 2020 

Verneigung vor der Natur (Bowing to Nature), article in the November 2020 edition of Fluntern Magazine, Zurich/Switzerland.
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(translation) Bowing to nature

Atossa Meier shows three Brazilian artists in her Gallery Elle on Mommsenstrasse and later in the Suvretta House in St. Moritz, who indirectly have a lot to say about the current Corona crisis. One of them is Christina Oiticica, wife of bestselling author Paulo Coelho. Whoever enters the Elle Gallery in the beautiful villa at Mommsenstrasse 18 comes into a subtle, sensitive world that is calming. This effect emanates from the works of the 58-year-old Brazilian artist Valeria Nascimento, who recreates her inspiration from nature – leaves, shells, sticks, mushrooms, nuts – in the thinnest porcelain and groups them into artistic ensembles. It is an ode to nature that is touching in its delicacy.

Her works of art hang in individual Bucher and Tiffany & Co. shops, in luxury hotels and museums. Valeria Nascimento, who now lives in London, ennobles nature and thus humbly pays her homage. The same applies to Aline Borges, who uses preserved twigs with leaves to create sculptures that trigger a deep sense of well-being when viewed. For her also, Nature is in charge, as is the case for Christina Oiticica, wife of the world-famous writer Paulo Coelho, who lives in Geneva.

She leaves the canvases painted by her to the rain and wind or the sea to complete them. Magnificent salt crystals and weathering are created. The three artists are highly topical with their work: The Corona crisis shows that nature is greater and more complex than humans can imagine. With her exhibition Atossa Meier hits the current upheaval in the zeitgeist. The work can also be seen in St. Moritz in the Suvretta House. The gallery owner has been running a branch of her Gallery Elle there since last winter.

Photo 1: Atossa Meier in her new exhibition at Gallery Elle.
Photo 2: The weather has finished Christina Oiticica’s painting


Language: German Publication Date: 2020

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