Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Flying: Only the Pilot is not Afraid 1976

Text about the fear of flying. Pdf, 9 pages.

Midday at Santos Dumont airport, in Rio de Janeiro. The airplane maneuvers, heads for the runway, and prepares to take off towards a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo. Inside the aircraft is a well-known singer, who will perform at the main club of this small town. The engines groan, the brakes are released, and the plane starts speeding up for take off. After a few dozen meters, however, the speed decreases, the plane stops and returns to the parking space. Through the internal loudspeaker, passengers are warned that a problem with the landing gear will delay the departure of the plane by ten minutes, but that no one should descend from the aircraft. From the back of the plane, a voice of protest can be heard. The singer, no longer able to control her fear of flying, starts screaming that it was a warning from heaven, that the plane is going to crash and that she is having a change of mind and wants to get off. It is impossible to change her mind; the stairs are put back in place, the singer leaves the plane, does not travel, and is sued by the club for 25’000.00 cruzeiros, the price of the fine for non-compliance with the contract. The plane, of course, continues its journey without major incident after ten minutes of repair.


Language: Portuguese Publication Date: 1976

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