Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Interview Rita Lee and Tutti Frutti 1976

1976 Interview Paulo Coelho with Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti, one of the most prominent Brazilian rock groups in the 1970s.

Excerpt (informal translation)
It’s always easy to talk about a record. But in the case of “Entradas e Bandeiras”, Rita Lee’s latest LP, the album speaks for itself, words aren’t necessary. So we decided to listen to what Rita has to say about the world and the current stage of her work.

It rained a little, but it has stopped and night starts to fall. Outside, in the main stadium, 3’000 persons sit on the grass and on the stands, waiting for the show to begin. Inside, Rita Lee, alone, sits in a small dressing room, concentrating before getting on stage. Her efficient team finishes assembling the instruments, tests the sound of the microphones, regulates the special effects, working in some kind of acrobatic ballet directed by manager Monica Lisboa. Judy Spencer tries to overcome the technical difficulties of the site, setting up the powerful lighting equipment for the show.


Publication Date: 1976

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