Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Poem The Pilgrimage

A poem about Paulo Coelho’s 1987 book “The Pilgrimage”, by Bruno U. Below is a rough translation.

The Pilgrimage
it’s a milestone in humanity
and the words of such a wise man
describe a wonderful message

It can be read as a book
or as a practical manual
but as a tale, I mean
that it makes us cry and bite our lips

On the back cover a cross
that makes us fear the past
but it also brings the light
that makes us free like birds

Between the pages there is wisdom
that some swear to be a lie
just as there are many everywhere
who appreciate without injustice

It brings us a lonely vertigo
that leads us into the unknown
but in this dizzying trip
we learned by not forgetting

But something leaves us marked
and I also feel amazed
because I know that there is beauty
in the book The Pilgrimage


Publication Date: 1999

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