Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Order form for The Pilgrimage 1987

Order form for the book “The Pilgrimage”, dated 11 July 1987, on Sociedade Alternative stationery.

Dear friend,

We have already had the opportunity to meet before through the lyrics of many songs by Raul Seixas such as – “Gita”, “Al Capone”, “Eu Nasci Ha Dez Mil Anos Atras”, “Sociedade Alternativa”, “Rock do Diabo”, etc. – of which I am proud to be the author.

In August 1986, after almost ten years of studying Magic and the Occult, I had the opportunity to take one of the most mysterious paths in the history of mankind: the Strange Way to Santiago. It was 720 km on foot, going from the French city of San Juan Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. It was my trial by fire to receive the Holy Sword of the Order of RAM, a traditional secret society. During this walk, done with an Italian guide, I had the opportunity to experience very important sensations and experiences, through exercises known as the RAM Practices.

Now, to complete the Strange Way of Santiago mission, this week I am launching the book “The Pilgrimage” (Ed. Eco, 258 pages). The book contains all the unbelievable experiences I went through, and the full version of the RAM Practices (the exercises can be done by anyone who wants to achieve knowledge). I would like to count on your help in the dissemination and diffusion of the “The Pilgrimage”.

If you are interested in reading the book, I would like to offer you a copy, at the price of Cz $ 380.00 (the bookstore price is Cz $ 450.00). I’m sure this book will be as important in your life as it was in mine. Along with the book, I will send you a dedication in your name, on a Tarot card, the Egyptian deck created by Hermes Trimegisto.

I thank you in advance for your help and support. I am sure that the RAM Practices, part of the book “The Pilgrimage”, will add to your life more happiness, more love, and an absolute capacity to get everything you want. We will repeat together, through the book, this fascinating magical adventure that is the Strange Camino de Santiago.

Thank you very much, and I count on your help in promoting the book.


Language: Portuguese Publication Date: 1987

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