Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Stories for Parents Children and Grandchildren 2001

Stories are one of the oldest ways we have of passing on knowledge. They are literature at its purest and can be cheerful, funny, tragic or dramatic. 

Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren is an anthology divided into two independent volumes, which can be shared from generation to generation, encouraging us to reflect on each and every stage of our lives.

Wherever possible, Paulo has given the source of the stories, but most belong to the secret archives of the human heart.

So, let us go for a stroll through the traditions and legends of the world, drawn in by the power of the four magic words we heard as children and have never forgotten: Once upon a time …

Illustrations by Christina Oiticica



Original Language: Portuguese
Original Title: Histórias para Pais, Filhos e Netos
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